Craft ED: Soil Horizons workshop ~ deadline Nov. 10, 2022

Soil Horizons- Landscapes of Stories with Jessica Hodgson and Megan Westphal

Workshop Instructors: 

Megan Westphal | soil scientist

Jessica Hodgson | ceramic artist

Workshop Runs: 

November 27,  2022 | 12:30-4pm

December 4, 2022 | 1-2pm

Registration deadline: November 10th, 2022

Registration: $280

Register online:

This two session workshop guides participants through the unlikely pairing of soil and storytelling. 

In the Soil Horizons: Landscapes of Stories workshop, participants are invited to process stories that hold personal significance and consider the landscapes these stories may hold. Perhaps we have a dream we long to share, an observation that seems poignant, or there is something we are experiencing that we can or cannot quite put into words. 

Equipped with creative writing exercises exploring the stories we desire to dive into, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their chosen story and consider what it looks like beneath the surface – literally. Megan and Jessica will guide participants through the process of turning their story into soil monoliths. Monoliths are used in soil science to take a snapshot of soil up to a particular moment. These monoliths tell a story of how the soil formed and what is happening at that time. As time, location and the elements change, so too does the soil beneath our feet and as humans we begin to create stories to describe these changes. 

Participants will build two 24 x 6” soil monoliths, telling a story between them through the use of organic and inorganic materials gathered by the instructors as well as personally sourced materials. We will explore what the soil would look like at that specific point in time and how would it change as the story unfolded? The monoliths will be set in beautiful custom-made wooden frames and affixed with hanging hardware, ready to be displayed as a set of finished wall-pieces. 

This Craft ED workshop is hosted by the Manitoba Craft Council as part of their Eco-Craft exhibition at C2 Centre for Craft.

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