Craft ED: Soil Horizons workshop ~ deadline Nov. 10, 2022

Soil Horizons- Landscapes of Stories with Jessica Hodgson and Megan Westphal

Workshop Instructors: 

Megan Westphal | soil scientist

Jessica Hodgson | ceramic artist

Workshop Runs: 

November 27,  2022 | 12:30-4pm

December 4, 2022 | 1-2pm

Registration deadline: November 10th, 2022

Registration: $280

Register online:

This two session workshop guides participants through the unlikely pairing of soil and storytelling. 

In the Soil Horizons: Landscapes of Stories workshop, participants are invited to process stories that hold personal significance and consider the landscapes these stories may hold. Perhaps we have a dream we long to share, an observation that seems poignant, or there is something we are experiencing that we can or cannot quite put into words. 

Equipped with creative writing exercises exploring the stories we desire to dive into, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their chosen story and consider what it looks like beneath the surface – literally. Megan and Jessica will guide participants through the process of turning their story into soil monoliths. Monoliths are used in soil science to take a snapshot of soil up to a particular moment. These monoliths tell a story of how the soil formed and what is happening at that time. As time, location and the elements change, so too does the soil beneath our feet and as humans we begin to create stories to describe these changes. 

Participants will build two 24 x 6” soil monoliths, telling a story between them through the use of organic and inorganic materials gathered by the instructors as well as personally sourced materials. We will explore what the soil would look like at that specific point in time and how would it change as the story unfolded? The monoliths will be set in beautiful custom-made wooden frames and affixed with hanging hardware, ready to be displayed as a set of finished wall-pieces. 

This Craft ED workshop is hosted by the Manitoba Craft Council as part of their Eco-Craft exhibition at C2 Centre for Craft.

Eco-Craft ~ Sept 9 – Oct 29, 2022



September 9 – October 29, 2022

C2 Centre for Craft

1 – 329 Cumberland Ave, Winnipeg


Opening Reception:

September 9th, 2022 from 7-9pm


Gallery Hours:

Wednesday – Saturday | 12 – 4pm

Masks are required

It is with a sense of urgency and a perennial mix of despair and hopefulness that the Manitoba Craft Council presents Eco-Craft, a creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration of artists and scientists striving to address what is arguably the biggest challenge facing our generation: climate change. The rapidly deteriorating environment – the pan-species, world-wide crises that human behaviour patterns have given rise to – needs the sincere and sustained engagement of the craft community and creatives of all stripes.

MCC expresses gratitude to each of the craft artists and scientists who engaged so thoughtfully and diligently in this collaboration: Alex, Alison, Ande, Carla, Connie, Danielle, Debra, Erica, Heather, Jennie, Jessica, Kevin, Lourdes, Olivia, Maddie, Mary Kate, Megan, melannie, Patrick, Poonam, Sandra, Shannon, Tibor, and Willow. Thank you for investing so much passion, intelligence, and creativity into efforts that will benefit our planet and all of its inhabitants. And, most importantly, thank you to the land, water, and air that give us life every day.

Eco-Craft was made possible through a generous Manitoba Arts Council project grant, with additional support through core funding from Canada Council for the Arts and a multi-year programme grant from the Winnipeg Arts Council. 


Feast, Famine – Mar 4 to Apr 30, 2022

Feast, Famine is a Manitoba Craft Council exhibition that explores how climate change relates to food: how it’s served, prepared, grown, and distributed. Exhibiting artists investigate the crisis of food production alongside possible solutions, crafted with a thoughtful connection between materials and maker. The works are displayed on a large table in the gallery, an intimate setting that brings to mind packed holiday dinners with extra seats squeezed in, shoulder to shoulder – a dinner party with eleven artists invited to contribute.

Participating Artists: Anja Studer, Anna Schmidt, Cloyd Barth, Candace Lipischak, Debra Frances Plett, Eric Au, Jessica Hodgson, Julianna Zwierciadlowska-Rhymer, Lesley Nakonechny, Melanie Matheson, and Sandra Vincent.

Jurors: Erin Weinberg, Terry Hildebrand, and Val Vint.

they danced in the slough examines notions of what feasting looks like on the Canadian prairies. A golden field glistens across the horizon; weed free and atop a smooth layer of black topsoil, a sense of prosperity and abundance is offered.

Advances in soil science however, are showing that this scene is not as picture perfect as often imagined. This piece brings us below the surface of a larger story, where we see the impacts of processes such as over-tilling, over reliance of chemical sprays and poor crop residue management negatively reflected in the soil.

At the edge of the field, a trio cultivate a small piece of neglected land in a different way. They let go of control and dance in celebration of nature, secure in the wisdom that we are nature, not separate. The soil below them reflects this. 

South Osborne Art Crawl – May 4, 2019

South Osborne Art Crawl
Saturday, May 4, 2019  |  10 – 5 pm
Jessica Hodgson Painting + Ceramics  |  563 Montague Ave.
+ many more artists!
Join the event on facebook

The South Osborne Spring Art Crawl is just around the corner!

The crawl takes place on Saturday May 4th from 10am to 5pm. You’ll have time to visit with the many talented artists living and working in the neighbourhood, shop local art and maybe have lunch or dinner (or both!) in one of the many great restaurants in the neighbourhood.

What is the South Osborne Art Crawl, you ask? Well, we are a number of artists who all live close together and are opening up our homes and studio spaces for the public to come have a look around. Curious what your neighbour is up to? Come have a look. Always wanted to have a look at art but didn’t know where to start? The Art Crawl is definitely a place to start. Interested in buying something local? We can set you up with something that fits that description. You can walk, bike or run from house to house to see how and where the artist creates their work. Gather some friends and make a day of it, and maybe discover your new favourite artist.

There will be some new people on the tour this year, and as always, some virtually guaranteed, beautiful sunny weather.

So who else is in the neighbourhood?

My favourite pizza joint, Vera Pizzeria is super close by, while BMC Market serves up some of the best authentic tacos in the city.  Park Line Coffee and Little Sister Coffee Maker have you covered for you caffeine fix during the day, followed by Chaeban and the brand new Black Market Provisions for ALL the tasty treats. AND if you need some green space during your tour, Churchill Drive park is right across the street.

Have I mentioned how much I love this place??

Culture Days + Nuit Blanche at ARTlington -Sept 28 + 29


ARTlington Art Safari

Friday, September 28, 6 – 9 pm 

Explore and learn about local art during this Friday evening Art Safari. Discover artists in their natural habitats (their studios) and experience the building’s many wonders. Witness and interact with the artist spinning wool on the first floor, or explore oil paintings on the second floor under the expert guidance of the painters themselves. On the third floor, spot artists and artisans and more on this thrilling Art Safari. And of course, find Jessica up on the third floor.


ARTlington Open Studios

Saturday, September 29, 12 – 11 pm

Shop and explore!

Discover over 30 artists and artisans as you explore three floors of open studios. From ceramics to photography, jewellery, paintings, glass, fibre, sculpture and mixed media, ARTlington Studios has something for every member of the family!

Afternoon activities:

Scavenger Hunt

Interactive Installation 

Hands-on Activities


Evening activities:

DJ and interactive art

Hands-on activities


*ARTlington Studios is a trolley stop during Nuit Blanche!

To learn more about Culture Days and Nuit Blanche or hear about other events going on that weekend, visit




The Stone Diary Project II – Oct. 5


Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th 6-9 pm

Café Postal, 202 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB. 

Show runs October 5th – 19th


All books will be available for purchase.

The Stone Diary Project II  is a collaborative venture connecting  artists across media to create unique ceramic books.

The practice of ceramics and bookbinding are both rooted in ancient methods.  The book is a container for thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions.  Likewise, ceramics are containers too – vessels that have long been used for safe storage of sustenance.  Both book and ceramic are functional objects that frequently serve in sacred ways.

Precious and safe yet ultimately fragile, these objects are meant to foster a sense of contemplation.

“There are chapters in every life which are seldom read, and certainly not aloud.”

Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries

To view last year’s project go to Stone Diary Project I.


Crafted at the WAG – Nov. 2 + 3

Friday, November 2: 11 – 9 pm

Saturday, November 3: 11 – 5 pm


Winnipeg Art Gallery

300 Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB


1 venue • 2 days • 4 organizations • 50+ artists


The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG), Manitoba Craft Council (MCC), and Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association (NACA), and Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (CCNL), are thrilled to present the fourth annual juried craft show at the WAG. This one-of-a-kind event highlights over 50 artists from Manitoba, plus a select number from Nunavut, Nunatsiavut, and the Northwest Territories.


Tickets $5/day • Kids under 12 free • Includes admission to WAG galleries • Tickets available at the door



Terra Botanica – Nov. 17

November 17 – 25, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, November 17, 7 – 10pm


Cre8ery Gallery

125 Adelaide St, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0W4, Canada


Terra Botanica

Terra – Earth; Botanica – Plants

Terra Botanica is a group exhibition, featuring work by 5 local artists – Bernard Ferguson, Erika Hanneson, Jessica Hodgson, Heather Komus and Crystal Nykoluk. Terra Botanica combines the dynamic energy of plants and clay, creating artworks meant to live in our homes, workplaces and minds. By bringing these natural elements into our lives, we awaken our awareness to the natural world around us.