Artist Statement

The Stratum Series explores my frustration with our food system. This body of work can be recognized by rough, earthy-brown bases cloaked by a layer of sleek porcelain. At a point where the public is becoming more aware and more alarmed by what is being labeled as food, I often find myself disturbed and confused by the information we are surrounded by. Frustrated by the topic, I designed the Stratum Series in reference to the mysterious layer of chemicals, control and deception that seems to be veiling our entire food structure today. Typically the white surface of sterility that covers functional dinnerware is comforting and customary, providing us with a smooth, safe surface to present our food. In Stratum however, this white surface is only superficial, draping over dark, organic sections, masking them in uniformity and perceived appeal.


In addition to the Stratum Series, The Horizon Series continues to explore how food impacts us. Characterized by brown and white pieces often marked by simple drawings of trees or rural imagery, the Horizon Series developed as more of a therapeutic tool. In 2014 I began to suffer from chronic insomnia and the resulting damage it had on my body and mind. Seeking help, I was immediately diagnosed with depression and handed a cocktail of antidepressants and sleeping pills. Being surrounded by family members and friends who battle with mental illness every day, I found myself on a difficult path of respecting the recovery process of others while wanting a different, more natural process for myself. Creating the Horizon Series has acted as a form of therapy, centered on the research and connection to real food that has been fundamental to my recovery.

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